Rubik's Cube (3x3x3)


The classic Rubik's Cube (3x3x3) was invented in 1974 by a Hungarian professor named ErnÅ‘ Rubik. He originally called it the "Magic Cube" however in 1980 it was renamed after its creator and is known since as the "Rubik's Cube".

During the 1980's the Rubik's Cube became a sensation and by the mid 80's 20% of the world's population at the time had played with it - That's 1 in every 5 people on earth! Until today more than 350 million cubes have been sold and it is considered to be the world's best selling toy of all time.

The Rubik's Cube has over 43 quintillion possible permutations, that's 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 to be exact. This number is so high it even excceeds the number of seconds passed since the Big Bang!
Despite this fact, over the years a number of algorithms for solving the Rubik's Cube were published. Some of them are more straightforward and some are more complicated but result in faster solves. The current world record for solving the Rubik's Cube is 4.59 seconds, it was set by SeungBeom Cho at the ChicaGhosts 2017 competition.

Over the years, many variations of the Rubik's Cube has been introduced. Some of the most famous ones are the Mini Cube, Rubik's Revenge, and the Professor's Cube.

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