Skewb Solver (Optimal)




The Skewb poses quite a challenge to anyone who tries to solve it for the first time, each move turns half the puzzle which means it's hard to keep the parts you already solved in position. But fear not - We are here to help!
We have developed an optimal solver for the Skewb so you can solve your own or find algorithms and cool patterns.

Use the color palette above the puzzle to color it - select any color by clicking or tapping it, then click or tap the tiles you want to use the selected color for. Drag or swipe the puzzle or around it to rotate it. When you're finished coloring simply hit the "Solve" button and a step by step solution will be immediately displayed to you.

This Skewb optimal solver will find the SHORTEST solution for you - our extensive simulations show that any scrambled Skewb can be solved with at most 11 moves.

As always, we would love hearing your feedback - click here.

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