Dino Cube (4 Color)


The 4-Color Dino Cube is a sticker variation of the original 6-Color Dino Cube. Istead of each face having its own color, in this puzzle 4 corners have their own color. You might have noticed already that this means 4 groups of 6 stickers get their own color (comparing to 4 in the original Dino Cube) which makes this puzzle a lot easier to solve.

More stickers of the same color also means that this puzzle has less possible combinations - only 15,400. This low number, however, does not suggest that this cube has more solved positions. Like its predeccesor, is has two "solved" positions which are a mirror image of each other. Computer simulations show that each combination of this cube can be solved in 7 moves or less to either of the two solved positions. Perfect for begginers!

Other than the different stickers, this puzzle is identical to the original Dino Cube in terms of its mecanism and the way it is scrambled.

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