Dino Cube


The Dino Cube is yet another classic twisy puzzle. This cube-shaped brain twister is scrambled by turning any of its 8 corners clockwise or counter-clockwise which shuffles its edge pieces around. It is considered to be a rather easy puzzle to solve and can be done mostly intuitively - perfect for beginners! The original version of this puzzle is the one shown on this page - the 6 colors version, where each face of the cube is colored differently very much like the original Rubik's Cube.

Buy why "Dino"? Well, unlike the puzzle shown here the original puzzle had slightly different colors to it, but in addition it had small dinosaur cartoons on each of the tiles - giving this puzzle its famous name.

This puzzle actually has two solved positions which are a mirror image of each other. Despite this fact, and the fact that this puzzle is quite easy to solve, it has over 19 million possible combinations! Computer simulations show that any of these combinations can be solved in 10 moves or less for either of the two solved positions or 11 moves if you want to go back to the exact same solved state you started with.

The mechanism inside this puzzle is quite similar to the one found in a Skewb or even a Pyraminx, turning along 4 different axis. Throughout the years many different variations of this puzzle have been released, such as the 4-color Dino Cube.

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