Domino Cube (2x3x3)


The Domino Cube is basically a 2x3x3 version of the original Rubik's Cube. It was invented in 1983 by professor Ernő Rubik himself! The name "Domino" comes from the original design of this puzzle - the top and bottom layers were colored black and white respectively, and the tiles on the 3x3 faces were numbered with dots (1 to 9) which reminds a lot of the pieces of the classic Domino game.

While the two 3x3 faces of this puzzle can turn normally like on the Rubik's Cube, the four 2x3 faces can only turn 180 degrees (half turn). This reduces the number of different moves you can preform and also results in significantly less possible combinations comparing to a normal Rubik's Cube - only 406,425,600. This number is actually not that low, however it's no match to the Rubik's Cube 43 quintillion possible combinations. Exhaustive computer simulations show us that any of the Domino Cube's combinations can be solved in 18 moves or less.

This twisty puzzle is not an official WCA puzzle however the unofficial record for fastest solve is 1.82 seconds set by Canadian Julien Adam.

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