Rubik's Cube Solver



Use the color palette to colorize the cube - select a color by clicking or tapping it, then click or tap the tiles you want to use the selected color for. Drag or swipe the cube to rotate it. When finished hit the "Solve" button and a step by step solution will be displayed to you.

This solver is ideal for:
  • People who just need to solve a cube.
  • People who try to learn to solve the cube themselves and need to "reset" it.
  • Since this solver is aiming for as little moves as possible, it is perfect for finding algorithms for patterns.

The Grubiks team is proud to present the best online Rubik’s Cube Solver! Used my millions around the world - this rubik’s cube solving website will show you how to solve any valid scramble with an easy to follow step-by-step solution.

Since its appearance in the 1970’s, the Rubik’s Cube quickly became one of the most loved and challenging puzzles of all times. It has stumped even the greatest minds around. Even the professor who invented it - Erno Rubik, thought it would be impossible to solve.

However, over the years many algorithms for solving the Rubik's Cube were found and today learning how to solve the Rubik’s Cube is merely a task of following a series of steps and memorizing some algorithms.

The 3D Rubik’s Cube solver on Grubiks was developed so people would be able to solve the Rubik’s Cube without having to learn and memorize these methods. If you have an old scrambled cube just lying around the house, if you’re trying to learn how to solve it on your own and just need a “reset”, if you're looking for algorithms for patters or even if you just want to impress your friends - this solver is perfect for you.

When the solver starts you’ll be presented with a completely white Rubik’s Cube and a color palette just above it. Pick a color from the palette and click / tap the tiles of the Rubik’s Cube you would like to paint with it. Keep coloring until the cube in the solver is colored exactly like the one you have in your hand. When you’re done simply tap the “Solve” button and you will be immediately presented with a step-by-step solution. Follow the instructions and click the “Next” button to view the next step.

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